Audi say no, Vagwerkes say YES!

We were contacted by a the owner of this beautiful Audi A5 Cabriolet

The vehicle has the 3rd generation MMI (multimedia interface) however the voice control feature has been disabled from factory.

The dealerships insist the an voice control add on module is required however we were certain this was not the case.
We enabled the SRS Voice control feature and within minutes we were able to control the navigation system by speech.


The owner has promised to contact Audi to mention their somewhat lack of technical knowledge.

Another very happy customer!

Audi A4, attack of the electric gremlins

We were recommended by the owner of this Audi A4 who had no electric windows or central locking. He was told he needed a new convenience module however once this was replaced the issues were had not been resolved.


After a quick scan and pinpointing the nature of the fault, we had discovered that two of the wires in the drivers door trim had perished.

Where many garages and even the main dealer would book this vehicle for hours, we discovered the fault as well as a few other minor issues within half an hour.


We also diagnosed a faulty engine thermostat and a split dump valve.

Another happy (and impressed) customer!

troublesome V5

We visited a customer in Ilford, Essex who required our urgent assistance. His Golf V5 had cut out a number of times on the motorway.

Once we diagnosed the car and took the car for a test drive, we discovered a faulty engine speed sensor


another happy customer!

Passat Key Programming

We traveled to Catford, South London to see a customer who sourced his own key and remote however he was not provided with the transponder chip and required one as well as programming the key to the car

we programmed the key and activated autowindows


another happy customer

MK6 Golf GTD – Rear view camera

We were contacted by the owner of this tidy MK6 Golf GTD who wanted a list of extras enabled on his Golf:



Update maps to latest Version 9 (with Video in Motion (VIM)
Enable alarm chirp
Enable rear view camera

The car had spent two days at a main dealer who could not enable the rear view camera to activate when the car was in reverse

Embedly Powered

We were able to carry out the above medications within the hour

another (extremely happy) customer!


Audi A6, SRS Service reset

We traveled to Greenford, West London to see the owner of this tidy A6 S line. His garage had carried out a service however the service light on the dashboard requires Audi dealer specific tools in order to reset the light.

Once we carried out the SRS reset, we also enabled Needle Sweep, lit pointers on ignition, Alarm chirp and mirror dipping when the car is in reserve gear (to ensure the wheels are not kerbed when parking up!)

Embedly Powered

IMG_4533 IMG_4535 IMG_4531

Another happy customer!