Uber tidy MK4

We were contacted by the owner of this tidy MK4 Golf from Poole who required a set of Bora clocks to be coded, calibrated and have Miles to empty, lit pointers enabled.


The glass and needles were removed and after some output tests with VCDS, we got the needles calibrated


Another happy customer!

Supercharged VR6

We were contacted by the owner of this tidy MK3 Golf (Supercharged) which had a misfire and some running issues

After a scan and some investigation under the bonnet, we advised the owner to clean the inlet manifold as well as relocating the MAF in a more suitable position

Another happy customer!

Stanced Golf!

We visited Ilford to look at a MK4 Golf which needed some TLC.


As you can see from the rear stance, the car was low and somewhat wide!


The owner had 1 key / remote

The remote no longer worked and a replacement was needed

We supplied / programmed a new key / remote and enabled the usual extras


Another happy customer!

A3 with a misfire and suspect interior stains!

We visited Goodmayes where we were presented with an Audi A3 which had just been serviced

The owner hoped the service would iron out the random misfire however the fault was still apparant

Inside, the rear quarter was showing suspect blue stains which the owner said re appeared after having the interior professionally valeted. It turned out that the washer system was damaged and after some investigation, we fixed the disconnected hose from inside the boot

The misfire may have been due to the wrong spark plugs being fitted to the car (as the misfire count was not fixed to one cylinder)

We have asked the owner to take the car back to the garage to ensure the correct spark plugs were fitted

We also reset the sevice light as well as a full fault code scan

Another happy customer!

Bora with OCD

The owner of this detailed Bora requested Autowindows, Miles to empty, alarm chirp to be enabled on his Bora

The engine bay of this car was as clean as it left the Wolfsburg factory many years ago!

Another happy customer!

Race car…. (some) Progress

Today, we took the 4mo over to AmD Essex and met with the owner Shaun Hollamby to discuss some of our plans with the Vagwerkes project car (and show them our shopping list!)

We put the car on the ramps for an inspection and apart from a leaking rear shock absorber and the rear bushes needing replacing, the car was mint!

We also replaced the 16″ Brands Hatch alloys for some BBS RC (Anniversary) wheels which should tie us over until our “race” wheels are ready!

We saw the BTCC AmD / Milltek race car which is preparing for the next race at Snetterton

Many thanks to Shaun and the boys at AmD Essex

A Mint 2011 Polo !

You may ask why the owner of this brand new Polo came to us for assistance with their Polo when the car is under warranty?

The owner is a driving instructor and cannot be without his vehicle as it is an essential part of their business.

More importantly, if the vehicle is used for a driving test, the examiner will abort the test if any warning lights are on the dashboard

With the dealership asking for the vehicle to be booked in for 6 hours, we were able to diagnose why the EML (or engine management light) was flashing on the dashboard

Another happy customer!

MK5 Golf…Locking issues

We were asked to look at a frustrating issue with a MK5 Golf GT TDI.

The drivers door refused to open and the only way the owner could get in and out of the car was to climb in from the passenger seat which is not ideal!

As we expected, the drivers door locking module required replacing

We also enabled anti hijack, alarm chirp and changed the alarm siren tone.

Another happy customer!