MK5 Golf Media Centre upgrade

The vagwerkes team had its first taste of celebrity interest when we were tweeted by one of the UKs premier Grime DJs representing the forefront of the industry, Kiss 100 FMs DJ Logan Sama.

He needed to upgrade the headunit on his 2008 MK5 Golf GT TDI from a CD player to a fully functional media centre



We recommended the RNS 510 which boasts touch screen navigation, an inbuilt 30GB hard drive and crystal clear LED display, all of which which integrates in the car – perfect for our client

We also enabled alarm chirp as well as a general diagnostics

We are now able to supply and fit OEM Sat Nav units for all VAG models – contact us for a quote

Another happy customer!


Audi A6 Scan

We met up with a customer from Upminister who needed his Audi A6 scanned for faults as well as disabling the seat belt warning chime

The dealership quoted a triple figure however we were able to quote the customer happy for a fraction of the price

another happy customer!


RB8 Miles to empty

We met up with a customer from Essex who needed miles to empty enabled on his Bosch RB8 Clocks

Within minutes he was blessed with the extras he needed without the risk of damaging any hardware on his car

another happy (and impressed!) customer!

FIS Cluster conversion

We met up with a dubber from Chelmsford who needed a set of half screen bora sport clocks fitted in his car

we tested the clocks and they were faulty. We narrowed it down to a faulty circuit board

Luckily we had a FIS full screen board handy which we were able to use and build a “custom” set of clocks

we enabled the usual extras – miles to empty and lit pointers


another happy customer!