Bedford Autodrome: Track day

It has been almost six months since we purchased our V6 4motion project car

The car has had an easy life, with only 69,000 miles on the clock and 1 owner from new. The only modifications were the non standard brake pads and discs

We have overhauled and replaced some major parts including suspension and exterior modifications which prepared it for its first track day

the list so far is

R32 Quickrack
R32 Wishbones
R32 Subframe
Superpro Polybush kit
Eibach Sportline Springs
Koni Adjustable shock absorbers
Milltek R32 Non Resonated exhaust system (tips sprayed black)
Audi S3 upper strut brace
Eibach Roll bars (26mm/23mm)

OEM R32 Xenons
OEM R32 Rear Bumper
OEM R32 Xenons
R32 Side mirrors
R32 Steering wheel
OEM BBS RC (Anniversary wheels)

Custom Passat / R32 Full screen (FIS) Instrument clusters

We took the Vagwerkes track car to Bedford Autodrome which is known to be the most safest track in the UK due to its massive run off area

We were not sure of the cars capabilities and limits however the below videos proves the car has been built to a high standard and capable of being driven on a track without any problems

We managed an impressive 142mph on the straight and the car handled shockingly well on the twists and bends

The highlight of the day was when a Porsche Carrera 4S spun out of control as it tried to chase us down the hairpin

Needless to say, the vagwerkes track car was the main discussion in the pit lane which felt rather uneasy as our car was one of the slowest (on a staight line!) and the cheapest. The cars which we felt were in our league included an E36 BMW M3, a Clio sport (182) and a Civic Type R all of which the V6 was able to annihilate throughout the day. We began to play with the Porsches and big powered Japanese cars but we did suffer some serious brake fade after 10 or so laps which meant we had to retire and let the brakes cool down

Overall, we were mighty impressed with our project car. It was able to take us from Essex, to the track and back.
We are looking to book a track day in Brands Hatch however we need some rear adjustable tie arms to help with giving those back wheels some more camber which will make it handle better on all road conditions.
We also need to complete our 6 pot brake conversion before the next track day as well as adding some extra brake ducting

We captured some footage with our GoPro 2 Camera. Apologies for the distorted view, thanks to a dead fly which was in the vision of the GoPro camera



Until next time…. The vagwerkes team

Urgent: Key wanted!

We were contacted by a garage in Tottenham, North London that had a customer who was in dire need of a spare key for his 2002 MK4 Golf

We supplied the key to the garage and carried out the programming a few days later as the key needed to be cut by a locksmith

we also enabled autowindows



Another happy customer