Family Affair

We were called to Ilford where two brothers who both owned Golfs required a set of sport clocks to be fitted to their car as well as having Autowindows, Miles to empty and Anti Hijack enabled


After – Bora sport Full screen (FIS) clocks fitted

After – (Fitted Half screen Bora sport clocks)

More happy customers!

MK3.. With a BAM (225 TT engine)

We were called to Seven Kings where a garage had outsourced us to assist with an engine conversion

a MK3 Golf was having an engine conversion – the much sought after Audi TT 225bhp lump which was to be installed

We were required to deimmobilise the ECU and ensure the factory MK3 clocks were working without any other fault codes.

Our expertise was also required as a “factory look” under the bonnet was needed – we advised on what bits were required and how the conversion should be done at this early & crucial stage.

we will be revisiting the customer towards the end of the conversion where we will be ensuring that the conversion will be “show car” standard

Another happy customer!



Someone elses mess….

We were called to Southampton where a customer was eager for (what he called) the wizards at vagwerkes to look at his car.

An unamed local garage had fitted a new engine after the customer had reported that the engine was making noises at idle. This led to the car not starting and the customer was forced to pay the bill and had the car towed to his house. This was all done before we were called and much to our frustration, we were not called on the first instance.

After some basic tests we determined that the problem was with the ECU. The customer also had their old ECU at hand, as we learnt that the customer had been advised he needed a new ECU.

After opening up the ECU, we could see that the immobiliser chip had been tampered with and most likely swapped between ECUs by someone who had little or no knowledge. We could see the immo chip was soldered on back to front. After some repairs we had no luck communicating to the ECU – the customer required a new ECU before we could even look at that the original fault was.

Luckily for the customer, We were able to give an independant review of the car and advised the them to contact trading standards as they were clearly being ripped off.





Show car.. Show clocks

We recently built and fitted a custom set of Passat clocks with R32 (180mph) foils and custom EEPROM for one of the finest MK4 Golfs on the scene

Equipped with a Cupra R (BAM) engine and custom mapping, this car is shy of 300bhp

The pictures do the talking!

Another happy customer!