Annoying Cluster

Today we travelled to Enfield, North London to program some replacement instrument clusters for a MK4 Golf

The original LED for the clock/time illumination had blown which was rather annoying

We had the new clocks fitted, keys paired and enabled a few extras


Another happy customer!

Two Golfs… One location

We travelled to Basingstoke where we met two Golf owners who wanted Autowindows enabled

The first car was a late 2002 model which had VDO Clocks – we also enabled miles to empty and lit pointers

the other Golf was an early 1999 model – we could only enable autowindows however we diagnosed a faulty lambda and air flow meter


More happy customers!



We travelled to Poole to look at a Transporter with an annoying fault
The right indicator would not blink after the initial blink when the stalk is put into the “indicate right” position
The owner replaced the stalk and checked the wiring running to the central electronics box.
Initially the owner thought the central electronics box was faulty and we were called to code the box which the owner had purchased.
After this was replaced, we coded it to the car and the fault was still appearing
We advised that the only cause must be the wiring running from the central electronics box to each of the lights.
We have been updated that some rather unusual high resistance was apparent on the right side headlight indicator wiring and this was the cause of the fault
This transporter was rather tasty with racing strips and Mazda RX7 Electric seats

Another happy customer!

Touareg Doughnut issues

We were called out to a damsel in distress in Chigwell, Essex who had been quoted £1700 by Volkswagen to repair her vehicle.

The owner had a 2005 Touareg which was making an awful clunking / banging noise when travelling over 30mph

After a physical inspection underneath the vehicle, we could see that the Propshaft carrier bearing on the rear driveshaft had split which was causing the knocking noise

VW do not offer the bearing to purchase as a replacement part. Instead they expect you to purchase the complete driveshaft which retails at nearly £1100 however after a few phone calls we were able to find the bearing without the need of going to the dealership.

The failure of the “doughnut bearing” (so called as it is shaped like a doughnut) is common on the VW Touareg /Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne

We stripped the propshaft on the customers drive and returned the following day with a new bearing installed on the propshaft

Within the hour the new driveshaft was installed and after a test drive we had another happy customer!