Ricky’s 25th Anniversary 

We visited @ricky_grande last night to enable some extras on his newly acquired Mk4 anniversary 1.8T. We enabled autowindows, miles to empty, lit needles and also scanned the car for faults. Cannot wait to see what he and the other two anniversarys in Rickys squad has in store for #worthersee2k17 … convoy from London anyone ?

Cluster repair. Reading..

Today we travelled to Reading where the owner of this rare AUQ engined Bora (1/23) required an instrument cluster swap. He dropped the car off to a “VAG specialist” in Maidenhead who spent two days attempting to carry out the dash swap and failing. The customer had a mission of picking his car up as he was miles away. Eventually he found our contact details. Upon arrival, we noticed the replacement cluster did not want to pair to the immobiliser. We discovered that the garage had corrupted the EEPROM (or software) on the clocks. Luckily we repaired the software and successfully carried out the swap. We made it look easy however this procedure could essentially “brick” the clocks. We enabled a few extras. Another very happy customer !

Swindon Mk4 cluster swap. 

Today we visited the owner of a Mk4 V6 4motion in Swindon who was in a desperate situation. After sending his dash clocks to one of the major cluster specialists for repair, they came back in a worse state than before. The car was unable to start and the situation was now severe. The customer luckily found us via our social media platforms and we supplied and coded some tasty bora sport clocks. We enabled some extras. The customer was over the moon. Another very happy customer!

Audi A6.. Non starter!

A late night for us  We traveled to Croydon to diagnose an Audi A6 2.5tdi which did not start.

When we attempted to diagnose the car, we discovered that we could not connect to any of the control modules with VCDS (VAGCOM)


After stripping most of the cars interior and checking the wiring diagram, we discovered the CAN system was corrupted due to a faulty gearbox ECU module. What most garages would spend days diagnosing we did in around an hour. We pointed the customer in the right direction as some local garages advised it may be the immobiliser or starter motor!

Another happy customer!

A VW is for life… !!!

The owner of this fully loaded MK5 Golf GTI came to see us for a diagnostics and wanted us to test drive his car.
We were impressed to see this car covered almost 160,000 miles and still drove like it did less than half!


We discovered a few bits which needed looking at including a service.

Another happy (and regular) customer!

Audi TT 3.2 fault code scan

We were contacted by the owner of this Audi TT 3.2 who required a basic fault code scan and some extras enabled including alarm chirp and anti hijack.

We found a faulty airbag loom underneath the passenger seat which will require repairing. We also discussed a possible performance remap which will improve throttle response.


Another happy customer!

New Leon Owner seeking some direction!

We travelled to Medway, Kent where were we presented to a mint example of a Seat Leon FR.

The owner had only just purchased the car and required a fault code scan.

We discovered a faulty door locking module and a window switch.

We also discussed some possible performance modifications as the PD150 engine does see some impressive figures after a stage 1 remap. More updates to follow in the near future !


Another Happy Customer!

Passat central locking issues!

We supplied and fitted a door locking module for a customer with a VW Passat.

We also discovered that this fault was previously attempted by someone else.

We initially noticed some missing bolts and trim clips and then discovered that the wiring within the cowling had been tampered with causing the lock not to work even after fitting the replacement module. What would have taken most people a day to diagnose and repair took us around just under two hours!


Another happy customer!