MK6 Golf GTD Speedo Retrofit with Needle Sweep (EEPROM Mod)

We recently upgraded / coded the instrument cluster (clocks) from a MK6 GT TDI  Golf (160mph) to a set of GTD 180mph clocks.
As it was an early revision of the cluster (Version C), #VagCom / #VCDS does not enable needle sweep / staging however we are now able to modify the EEPROM to enable needle sweep as well as fix the speedometer curve.

we can enable needle sweep practically on any MK6 Platform car
Another happy customer!


Golf R MK7 Virtual Cockpit Retrofit (Active Info Display)

A massive update: We have retrofitted MK7.5 (Facelift) fully digital “Virtual Cockpit” instrument cluster to our 2015 Golf R


We are now equipped with dealer level equipment to adapt component protection. This is the exact method the dealership / technicians provide but for a fraction of the price, time and hassle!



Stay tuned for further updates.. next on the list is retrofitting Sat Nav and the 9.2″ display…



Golf R Maintenance

The owner of this tidy stage 1 APR mk7 Golf R dropped his car off to us where we supplied and fitted front and rear brake pads and discs.

We also changed the spark plugs after experiencing intermittent power loss and EPC light on a test drive.

The car was also due as a DSG / Gearbox service.

As always, we cleaned the haldex filter.

Another happy customer!Capture

Golf R Haldex / Gearbox service

We recently carried out a Haldex / Gearbox service on this stage 2 Golf R.

With the VW technicians at the dealership not officially instructed on their technical guide to clean the haldex pump, this leads to premature haldex issues.

Even cars covering under 20,000 miles have extremely dirty pumps. check how dirty they get !


Image result for haldex mk7 dirty20180702_204240


another happy customer!

Golf GTi MK6 Folding Mirrors Retrofit / RNS510 Map update

Today we were visited by the owner of this tidy MK6 Golf GTi who wanted to complete some retrofits and enable some extras on his car.


We fitted OEM folding mirrors and door control modules and coded them to fold on remote (requires EEPROM flash)

We also updated the maps to 2018 V15 and enabled speed camera alerts and Video on the move
We also enabled a host of VCDS extras including cornering lights, closure of windows / sunroof when raining and many more.. another happy customer