Cupra R.. riddled with faults

The owner of a 2005 Seat Leon Cupra R decided to contact Vagwerkes after he was advised by his dealership that he needed a new instrument cluster fitted

The speedometer had an intermittent issue where it randomly stopped functioning.

After some basic diagnosing, we inspected the vehicle speed sensor wiring which showed signs of corrision.

We advised the owner to purchase the repair wire and loom

another happy customer!


Sharan.. Remote issues

The owner of this Sharan needed his spare remote programmed

Unlike conventional VAG vehicles, programming the remote involves a manual procedure without the need of VCDS

We programmed and syncronised all the remotes as well as enabling the alarm chirp (on lock)

Another happy customer!


Trip to Folkestone

We were around 30 miles away from France when we were asked to look at a Golf MK4 in Folkestone, Kent, which was having issues starting.

The owner happened to conincidentally have these issues after trial fitting some new instrument clusters to his car

After some initial investigation, we pin pointed the issue to the engine ECU.

After stripping the scuttle panel and removing the wipers, we could see that the ECU had visible signs of water ingress within the wiring harness.

The ECU had been damaged with one of the pins being corroded and also the engine harness required replacing

After the owner replaced both parts, we paid another visit to plug it all together and program the ECU / instrument clusters

Proof that sometimes, an enthusiast with a VAGCOM / VCDS cable is simply not enough!

Another happy customer!


.:R TDI …

We were contacted by the owner of this very clean MK4 PD150 R line Golf. With under 28k on the clock, this car was one of the cleanest cars we have ever worked on!

The owner wanted to fit some FIS Full Screen Bora Sport clocks with original R32 needles

We will let the pictures do the talking!




Another happy customer!

Audi S3 …Dead Cluster

We travelled to Gatwick where we were greeted with an Audi S3 which had been looked at by a so called “diagnostics expert”

The customer was left with a dead car after someone had tried to modify the EEPROM on the instrument cluster

This resulted in the immobilser kicking in and preventing the car from starting

We were able to save the original cluster by fixing the software on the cluster

Needless to say, the customer was very impressed with our workmanship

Another happy customer!

2012 Sharan, Dealer miles

We were contacted by the owner of this brand new Sharan who wanted to enable a few extras on his vehicle

We enabled anti hijack and modified the cluster coding to display the speed in miles per hour.

Newer cars must display the speed on the cluster both in miles per hour and kilometers per hour however some owners see this as an eyesore and would prefer to change this to MPH meaning they get an instant digital display in miles per hour

another happy customer!