Audi A6.. Non starter!

A late night for usĀ  We traveled to Croydon to diagnose an Audi A6 2.5tdi which did not start.

When we attempted to diagnose the car, we discovered that we could not connect to any of the control modules with VCDS (VAGCOM)


After stripping most of the cars interior and checking the wiring diagram, we discovered the CAN system was corrupted due to a faulty gearbox ECU module. What most garages would spend days diagnosing we did in around an hour. We pointed the customer in the right direction as some local garages advised it may be the immobiliser or starter motor!

Another happy customer!

A VW is for life… !!!

The owner of this fully loaded MK5 Golf GTI came to see us for a diagnostics and wanted us to test drive his car.
We were impressed to see this car covered almost 160,000 miles and still drove like it did less than half!


We discovered a few bits which needed looking at including a service.

Another happy (and regular) customer!