Passat FIS clocks – an update

One of our personal projects is coming to an end

We picked up some late spec Passat sport clocks (949C) and modified the EEPROM with some hybrid Golf / Passat data

The passat 949 clocks have a slighty different instrument cluster – the trip computer LED display is slightly larger than the Golf

Using a 1c0 convinience module, the cluster displays when the door, boot and bonnet is open

we will be adding the chrome rings in the coming few weeks!

Bora clocks – the correct way!

We travelled to Oxford where we were welcomed to a very tidy Golf Anniversary replica

The owner had purchased this car a few years ago and the previous owner had fitted some very bad DIY Bora sport clocks

We were asked to fit some Immo 2 Genuine bora sport clocks

Original clocks – needles moved erratically and inaccurate

New clocks

Modified rear courtesy light with LED lighting

Another happy customer!

Bora.. Reem… The only way IS Essex!

We travelled to Basildon where we were schooled on some local slang – we never knew what reem meant until we saw this clean Bora – possibly one of our favourites which was wearing some 9J BBS CH wheels – some serious poke!

the owner wanted a 3 button remote and miles to empty / lit pointers and autowindows

being a Bora, adding a 3 button remote will enable the boot pop feature without any further modifications

another happy customer!

FIS Upgrade

Last week, one of our regular customers contacted us as they wanted to upgrade their half screen bora sport clocks to full screen

after they picked up some bargain priced full screen non sport petrol clocks, we swapped the foils and needles over and flashed the eeprom and the end result was superb!

we ensured the needles were calibrated and accurate

miles to empty and lit pointers we enabled

another happy customer!

Sorted 1.8T

Today we were back in North London to supply and program a brand new 3 button remote and key

A lovely looking GTi – in Anthracite grey with some rather rare and subtle modifications

another happy customer!


We visited Wood Green, North London earlier to supply a keyfob to a customer

His key fob had stopped working and after testing the fob with VCDS, it was indeed faulty – not even a fresh set of batterys would work

We supplied a brand new 3 button remote with boot unlock and enabled autowindows

Another happy customer!

A True GTi?

Our final job for the evening was in Romford, Essex

we were treated to a little beauty of a mk4 Golf

Red, 3 door with recaro leathers and OEM S3 wheels finished in gloss black. It had every OEM extra from Bora vents to R32 pedals but it was missing the final touch

Bora Sport clocks

we had these beauties fitted and coded in 15 minutes

a lovely car to finish a busy evening on

another happy customer!

Golf Mk4 – Too fast…Too furious?

A customer came from Acton in his very unique 1.4 MK4 Golf which had enough styling to scare the flagship R32 Golf away

The car boasted a full R32 kit, exhaust system and lamborghini “suicide” doors

We were asked to fit a R32 Steering wheel and a set of R32 clocks

We will need the customer to pay as another visit as they need an additional key/remote as they only have the one. They also need an outside air temperature sensor as well as a multifunction stalk. The cluster was also reporting issues however we will need to provide a non R32 cluster board and refoil the cluster – we will keep you updated

Alarming Audi (or lack of)

Earlier this evening, we travelled to North London to look at a very tidy Audi A6 which reported issues with both keyfobs not working with the car.

The owner had to disable the factory alarm as it was prooving to be a nuisance as the only way to get in was to override the alarm causing the alarm and indicators to flash

Since the battery was disconnected, both fobs had to be resynced to the car

We were able to resync both keyfobs as the dealer would have but for a fraction of the price

another happy customer!