SOS…Cluster upgrade

We were approached by the owner of a MK4 GT TDI 150 who needed a cluser upgrade and a new key programmed

The customer tried to obtain the SKC of his Bosch RB8 v20 clocks with the help of numerous people however after having no joy, he had no choice but to contact Vagwerkes

The customer had purchased two sets of Bora sport clocks (FIS and half screen)

He wanted the FIS (full height) clocks fitted however they were petrol (rev to 7k) and his car was a diesel (revs to 5k)
the other set of Bora sport clocks were half screen (half FIS) Diesel clocks

We stipped both Bora sport clocks and swapped the rev counter foils over so that the full screen board had the diesel rev counter

Within seconds we had the SKC of the original clusters. We enabled miles to empty and lit pointers on the Bosch clocks so the customer could sell these on.

We then fitted and calibrated the FIS bora sport clocks Once we flashed the clocks with diesel EEPROM, we enabled Miles to empty, lit pointers and the welcome message

We then carried out the adaption and programmed the new key

We also enabled Autowindows and alarm chirp

Another happy customer!

Track car – An update

As some of you may be aware, the vagwerkes team are the owners of a MK4 Golf V6 4motion which will hopefully be making its presence for show season in 2012


We have been collecting various parts over the last few months including:


R32 Steering Rack
R32 Wishbones (cast iron)
R32 Hubs
R32 Driveshafts
Koni sport (yellow) adjustable shock absorbers
Eibach Anti roll bar kit (26mm FR /  24mm RR)
Eibach sportline springs
Superpro Polyurethane suspension bushes
Genuine BBS RC 18″ alloy wheels


6 Pot Brembo brakes (from Toaureg / Q7 / Cayenne)
HEL Braided Hoses
Ferodo pads


R32 leather door cards
R32 steering wheel
Custom 180mph R32 Full screen clusters (with Passat board)


R32 tailgate
R32 Xenon headlights
R32 sideskirts
R32 side mirrors


Milltek non resonated exhaust system

we have also carried out A full service and inspection including a Haldex oil and filter

The car will be making an appearance at Brands Hatch for a track day in the coming weeks



A4 Key programming

We were called in the early hours of the morning by the owner of this A4 who had snapped his key in the ignition barrel of his car

The dealership provided him with a new barrel and replacement key set however he needed the keys to be programmed to the car



Within 10 minutes we had the car running and diagnosed a faulty coolant temperature sensor

Another happy customer!