Audi TT (MK1) Cluster swap

Today we swapped the instrument cluster on a mk1 Audi TT 225

The MK1 TT is renowned for having weird and wonderful issues with the instrument dials failing. Infact there is known issue with this and so long as you have full Audi service history, the dealers will swap these as part of a recall (see TT Owners Club forum for more info)

In this particular case, the fuel gauge was not functioning causing issues with fault codes and the vehicle did not have full Audi service history

The customer purchased a brand new set of clocks from Audi however he was not prepared to pay 3 hours labour (at dealers rates thats almost the price of the clocks)

We had the clocks swapped over using the much helpful Ross Tech procedure and within 25 mins we had the trim off, clocks in and programmed

apologies for the rather dull picture but or customer was in a bit of a rush as he had to shoot back home to Southend!
Unfortunatley a substansial amount of trim needs to be removed (and put back together!) to get to the TT clocks!!

another happy customer!

Bora Sport Clocks in a 1.8T Golf

Today we supplied & fitted a some half screen Bora sport clocks in a Golf.

The customer was in Kingston, Surrey

Clocks were reset to 0 miles prior to installation and the SKC was ready to be initiated with VCDS

Being an IMMO3 car, the installation process can be long winded

We had the clocks in and car running in under 10 minutes

we also activated autowindows, miles to empty and lit pointers


Another happy customer!