Cupra R in Basildon

We travelled to Basildon, Essex where the owner of this Seat Leon Cupra R wanted a few extras enabled (autowindows, anti hijack) as well as a fault code scan

we discovered that the rear door lock needed replacing

another happy customer!

Reem TT

A regular customer of the vagwerkes team has upgraded from a Bora to a tidy Audi TT 225bhp Quattro

he needed a fault code scan as well as alarm chirps, anti hijack enabled

another happy customer!

Audi A4 in Canvey Island

We travelled to Canvey Island, Essex where we were asked to look at an Audi A4 with a terrible misfire

After a road test and some logging with VCDS, we managed to determine that a recent cambelt change was to blame and the garage who carried out the work need to rectify the timing

we enabled some extras while we were there

Another happy customer!


Trip to Maidenhead

We travelled to Maidenhead where we were asked to fit some full screen Bora Sport (FIS) instrument clusters as well as enable autowindows and anti hijack

The car in question was a very tidy 1.8T which had a host of subtle OEM extras fitted

Another happy customer!

Leon FR PD150

We were visited by the owner of this tidy Leon FR PD150 who was experiencing his car going into “limp mode” (this is where the ECU detects that something semi-serious is wrong, and cuts the engine power so it will not rev beyond a pre-programmed speed)

Armed with VCDS and an open road, we took the car for a long drive and the results pinpointed the turbo vains were sticking and requires replacing / rebuilding

we also enabled autowindows to the car

the owner has contacted a turbo specialist for a rebuild.

another happy customer