500 miles, MTE sorted at last!

We were visited by the owner of this tidy V6 4motion from Northampton who travelled down to our East London division.

He was promised by various amateur forum members that Miles to Empty (a feature which shows the fuel range remaining on the instrument cluster which is hidden and must be unlocked) can be enabled on his Bosch RB8 cluster

After 500 miles of travelling to and from various so called “specialists” he finally found vagwerkes who proved that miles to empty CAN be enabled

We also enabled autowindows








Another happy customer

4motion 1.8T, fixed by the vagwerkes team

We were contacted by a uk-mkivs.net forum member who has been building his track car since September 2011

The car features the rolling shell from a golf V6 4motion however a BAM 225 bhp engine from an Audi S3 has been fitted along with the wiring and ancillaries

The owner wanted us to deimmobilise the ECU however as with all project cars, there is always more which needs to be done before the car could be started

He was advised by other forum members the usual “hear say” and possible issues and resolutions however we always tend to ignore amateur advice and remain professional at all times




It seems the wiring to the ignition system had been destroyed when a screw was accidentally secured to hold the harness in place.

We have access to all VAG wiring diagrams and we managed to bypass the ignition system and managed to get the car starting

we also advised the customer on a few other issues which he had been experiencing and explained the benefit of pairing the ECU to the cluster and immobilising the car


After nearly 6 months of the owner purchasing the project car, here is a milestone video of the car running:



another happy customer!



.:R32 Clocks programmed and working

We were contacted by a customer from Colchester who purchased some .:R32 instrument clusters for his 1.8T

He was told that programming these clusters would lead to issues with fault codes and errors on the dash however we assured the customer that the cluster swap would be plug and play

in sub zero conditions, the clocks were fitted and programmed

we enabled miles to empty, lit pointers and autowindows

another happy customer!

Anniversary Extras

We met up in Colindale, North West London with the owner of a tidy Golf MK4 25th Anniversary TDI

We enabled autowindows, miles to empty, lit pointers, anti hijack and alarm chirp

we also discussed some possible mods for the owner

another happy customer

Golf VR32 interior conversion

We supplied and fitted a set of custom instrument clusters which were to be installed in a show standard MK3 VR32. So called a VR32 as this MK3 was once a VR6 however it now has a MK4 .:R32 engine fitted (3.2 litre) with some one off touches.

The owner contacted the vagwerkes team to source the parts required for the dash conversion

Initially, the cluster conversion was not as straightforward as it seems. A custom wiring loom was made as well as sourcing fuel and oil sensors which ensured all readings on the instrument cluster were correct and to a standard where we were happy with promoting. No corners were cut in the interior conversion

The car was then given to Rams Customs for the remaining interior conversion which consisted of:

R32 Seats
MK4 Dashboard (modified to fit MK3)
R32 original Aluminium trim
Original Heated seat switches
R32 Steering wheel with airbag
Climatronic unit

We were contacted throughout the conversion to advise on the wiring and assist in the installation

The finished article was very impressive

We will let the pictures do the talking!

Original MK3 Interior:



another happy customer!

Rescue Team

We were visited by the owner of this 1.8T from Colchester, Essex who had purchased a set of sought after Full screen (FIS) 1.8T Immo3 clocks

The clocks had been purchased last year however the owner had a nightmare finding someone to code these to his 51 plate Golf


He was told many myths about coding non factory fitted clocks by his local garages and after he was referred to vagwerkes, there was some light for him at the end of the tunnel

We had the new clocks coded, paired all the keys and enabled the usual extras

another happy customer!

Sub Zero Bora sport clocks

The location was Purfleet, Essex and the temperature was sub zero… we met up with the owner of this GT TDI 110 who needed some IMMO3 Bora Sport clocks fitted

In sub zero temperatures, the clocks were fitted and we enabled miles to empty and lit pointers



Another happy customer

Elite Dub… ECU Swap

We were contacted by the owner of this lush MK4 Golf 1.8T who needed someone to carry out an ECU Swap. The vehicle had the “IMMO3” immobiliser system

He had acquired an AUQ ECU which had been mapped and needed this coded to this AUM engined car.

Unlike others, we followed the correct procedure for an ECU swap. Many would have deimmobilsed the ECU.

We had the ECU swapped and coded in under 5 minutes.

The customer also requested the SKC for the old ECU which he was able to sell on.

Another happy customer!