4motion 1.8T, fixed by the vagwerkes team

We were contacted by a uk-mkivs.net forum member who has been building his track car since September 2011

The car features the rolling shell from a golf V6 4motion however a BAM 225 bhp engine from an Audi S3 has been fitted along with the wiring and ancillaries

The owner wanted us to deimmobilise the ECU however as with all project cars, there is always more which needs to be done before the car could be started

He was advised by other forum members the usual “hear say” and possible issues and resolutions however we always tend to ignore amateur advice and remain professional at all times




It seems the wiring to the ignition system had been destroyed when a screw was accidentally secured to hold the harness in place.

We have access to all VAG wiring diagrams and we managed to bypass the ignition system and managed to get the car starting

we also advised the customer on a few other issues which he had been experiencing and explained the benefit of pairing the ECU to the cluster and immobilising the car


After nearly 6 months of the owner purchasing the project car, here is a milestone video of the car running:



another happy customer!



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