East Londons Finest!

We were invited on the day of the royal wedding to deal with two of East Londons finest MK4 Golfs both of which are very well known on the scene

One of the vehicles kept holding back on power past 5k revs

After a road test on the A12 and some intensive logging with VCDS, we pin pointed the issue to a faulty N75 as well as numerous issues with the Mass Air Flow Meter (MAF). The Vacuum pipes under the manifold also needed replacing.

The customer will report back to us once these parts have been replaced

We were then asked to assist in putting the finishing touches to an engine conversion.

We were presented with a MK4 Golf 1.6 which had a V6 R32 engine installed however the mechanic called on Vagwerkes to get the car up and running

We were given a R32 ECU and a set of R32 clocks both of which were from different cars

after some vigorous EEPROM flashing, we succeeded in the pairing and the car was up and running.

more happy customers!

Ibiza on an easter weekend!

Today we were presented with a 2002 Seat Ibiza which required autowindows and a flip style remote/keyblade

Here is the original Seat Key

here is the new key (which is far more attractive) which has a 3 button remote – the 3rd button unlocks the boot

The customer was on his way back to Portsmouth within 20 minutes

another happy customer!

Faded Dash clocks

It is amazing how much time in our cars we spend holding the steering wheel and looking at the dash clocks. Infact these two components are the most important components in our vehicles and how they look and feel will affect our driving experience

Today we travelled to Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and we were greeted to a lovely example of a MK4 PD150 GT TDI

Our customer purchased a replacement set of clocks which happened to be from a Bora Sport and the much sought after Full Screen (FIS) variants which needed to replace his current set of FIS (non sport) clocks

The FIS panel had started to fade at random times which made looking at the multifunction computer impossible – on some occasions, the customer advised that the top half was completley faded. We took a few pictures (above) however the fading was not as bad as it has been in the past

The new clocks were installed within 20 minutes. We also enabled miles to empty, lit pointers and autowindows

Another happy customer!

How Convenient?

Yesterday we were called to assist in programming a Convenience module to an Audi A4.
The customer was having issues with the alarm going off at random times as well as his instrument cluster giving him the wrong information as to which door was open

The convenience module was replaced as the original one become damaged due to water corrosion

We programmed the new module as well as enabling a few extras

Another happy customer!

Passat FIS clocks into MK4 Golf

Today we have been tinkering with some clocks acquired from a Passat B5. These have been test fitted in our test vehicle (MK4 Golf)
The speedo needle needs recalibrating however these are ready to rock and roll!

Notice that the trip computer has a slightly larger font.

The Passat cluster also has a distinct buzzer and chime

these will be installed with custom glass and foils!