A UK first… .:R Bi-Xenons on a 1.4 MK6 Golf

We were contacted by uk-mkiv forum members Golfin and Vdub-A1 to assist in retrofitting some original MK6 .:R Bi-Xenons


just to clarify, these are not to be confused with the GTi Xenons – these rare .:R Xenons have a tinted / smoked lense which the dealer will refuse to retrofit

the owners got the front bumper removed in record time after realising their K line Vagcom cable will not talk to the CAN BUS system found in newer cars

Once we hooked it up with VCDS, we enabled the Xenons with no fault codes on the dash

the owners calibrated the headlight beam manually

another happy customer!


1.8T Work in progress!

We travelled to Broxbourne to fit some .:R32 Clocks to a W plate (2000 registered) 1.8T

We enabled lit pointer and miles to empty on the new clocks

The car has a list of parts which will be thrown on over the next few months including a full R line body kit and a host of engine parts which will put any stock .:R32 to shame!

The customer deciced to purchase a key and a 3 button remote from us as they only had one key for their vehicle

another happy customer!

Bora with a twist!

We travelled to Maldon, Essex where we were greeted with a rather tidy Bora

We were asked to install some Immo2 Bora sport clocks and enable autowindows

This Bora was rather tasty – infact we have noticed that Bora owners are really pushing the boundry when it comes to styling.

This car even had OEM Xenons!!

Another happy customer!



Serving the community

We were contacted by one of the leading cab firms in Southampton to look at one of their special taxis – a “final edition” Passat 3B estate

we enabled autowindows, lit pointers and the welcome message but most importantly the anti hijack feature was enabled which is essential for this keen dubber



This vehicle was equipped with the highline leathers and totally stock on the outside.

we will be keeping an eye on which wheels he will upgrade to – bearing in mind the vehicle is a “work horse”

another happy customer!